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Latest Luxury Glass Rooms Designs for 2019

Glass rooms in Dubai are provided by Zealcon only when you are looking for the quality and reliability at the same time. If you are searching for latest luxury glass rooms designs then I am sure you are not happy with the designs provided by your local shop in town. Don’t worry! We are known for our creative and breathtaking designs that suits every individual needs.

glass rooms Dubai designs for 2019

A luxury Glass room Dubai gives you a beautiful place to relax, entertain, or simply use as an extended part of your home and garden most of the year round. A cover for when it rains in the summer or autumn, a shade in the midday sun, a focus for your garden furniture, protected from the elements.

Sitting in a glass room you have a weather protected, unique atmosphere, where maximum light can provide a sense of well-being and you can enjoy your patio or garden or view regardless of the wind and rain. In the intense sunshine and with an integral optional retractable blind you can protect yourself at the press of a button and provide shade above your head, open the front and sides and enjoy a covered shaded area with full air flow around you.

Firstly, before diving into the pictures and designs of the glass rooms you must know exactly what do you want. For the sake of easiness I have mentioned below different types of rooms which are made up of glass.

  • Garden Rooms.
  • Sunrooms/Sun Rooms.
  • Patio Enclosures.
  • Solarium.

Garden Rooms

A garden glass room in UAE is a great way to give your home a new lease of life. If you’re craving extra space at home and have the ability and budget to extend out into your garden, go for it! A stunning outdoor room can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, providing a tranquil bolt hole from day-to-day life. It also has the potential to add value to your property.

Our guide on how to choose the ideal glass garden room or garden office showcases a variety of beautiful spaces that will inspire you and, with the help of a designer; you’ll be able to create your dream garden room, complete with a streamlined layout perfectly suited to your space and everyday living needs.

Garden room extensions in Dubai have the potential to add value to your home providing a tranquil bolt hole from day-to-day-life. If you are fond of partying and do fun with your friends then the glass room extensions can add extra buzz. It gives a pleasant look when the guest enters your garden. And with the help of decorative lights available now a days the effect be unforgettable for days or even weeks.

Garden glass office in UAE is also a mind blowing idea and you can work and do meetings in a way pleasant atmosphere. Usually garden offices are made as a back office where you can escape from the original daily grinding routine office.  You can either sit in there or enjoy your coffee while brainstorming on how to improve your business.

When you get quote for Garden rooms in UAE, you will enjoy hassle-free services to any location in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain.

Sun rooms

A sunroom in UAE is the perfect solution for adding functionality, value and space to your home. Sun-rooms not only provide numerous sources of enjoyment, but will also increase the value of your home without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Sun rooms are affordable, as they are by far one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects, talk to our experts and know about sun room cost in UAE. This affordable addition offers numerous options that will greatly benefit your home.

Four season sunrooms in UAE are best if you’re seeking to use your sun room during the warmer months, a four season room will suffice. In the summer, the weather in Dubai is very hot, dry and humid, with temperatures reaching 45 °C (113 °F) for many days. Use these rooms all year round, no matter where you live. You’re free to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather or insects. For ultimate climate control, install a cooling system. Choose from Aluminum or Vinyl (reinforced with aluminum or steel framing). Structural thermal breaks in the frame and our double-pane insulated glass help keep your energy costs down. Your design consultant will recommend construction elements based on how you plan to use the room.

If you’ve had the desire to maintain an herb or container garden, but could not because of the harsh weather, a sun room will provide you with an opportunity to do so. There will be ample sunshine in your sun room, and you can maintain a consistent temperature year-round. Just purchase some containers and herb boxes with which to grow your plants, herbs and flowers, and you’ll have your very own green space indoors. Add glass roof panels to your sun room to allow maximum light overhead.

Sunrooms are a versatile, useful and affordable choice for anyone who wants to add more living space to their home. Sunrooms are cost-effective to build and maintain, making them a suitable choice for any home owner. They are an extremely effective way to add living space to your home without the high costs involved with a traditional home addition and installation time is typically a fraction of what it would take to build a traditional home addition. Adding a sunroom is a wonderful way to bring more space, light and joy to your home.

When you get quote sun rooms in UAE, you will enjoy hassle-free services to any location in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain.


Glass conservatory Dubai is Similar to a greenhouse, a conservatory is a building extension in the form of a room with glass or tarpaulin roofing. They are useful for avid gardeners as they provide protection to plants and encourage bountiful growth.

Although used solely for gardening, conservatories can also be aesthetic additions to any house. For this reason, you should make sure to invest in a model that blends with your home’s design and existing decor. If you want to emphasize on the luxury quotient, you can add elegant lighting or a seating area. For an additional touch of elegance, you can add brickwork, carved window panes or a decorated glass roof.

How much do glass conservatories cost in UAE? This depends on various factors including material construction and size. We offer a range of conservatory designs and prices for different requirements. Visit us at to see the range for yourself.

How to Get a Conservatory

Although you can build your own conservatory, a project of this magnitude requires the expertise of professionals. Call us or visit any of our branches to inquire about the installation of your conservatory.

When you get quote for Glass conservatory in UAE, you will enjoy hassle-free services to any location in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain.

Patio enclosures

When you over conscious for your shining Lamborghini or Ferrari and you love your car porch more than your bed then you may want to consider adding enclosed patio in UAE to your home! Whether you would like to fully enclose your porch or just add a screen system, Zealcon will custom design your room to meet your specific needs.

When you get quote for enclosed patio in UAE, you will enjoy hassle-free services to any location in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain.


Solariums in Dubai are the best if you want to surround yourself with glass on all sides and above. Imagine relaxing under the stars at night in the comfort of your solarium. Our innovative aluminum framing system allows you to install both heating and/or cooling systems (subject to local building codes). Our thermally engineered frame and 1″ thick dual-sealed insulated glass keeps your energy costs down without sacrificing comfort. Your design consultant will recommend construction elements based on how you plan to use the room.

When you get quote for Solariums in UAE, you will enjoy hassle-free services to any location in the UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain.


UAE-The United Arab Emirates is a Constitutional Federation of ‘7 emirates.’ The UAE was established formally on December 2, 1971.

Below are the names of the Seven (7) Emirates of UAE :

  • Abu Dhabi–AUH -Capital of UAE
  • Ajman – AJM.
  • Sharjah – SHJ.
  • Dubai – DXB.
  • Fujairah – FUJ.
  • Ras Al Khaimah – RAK
  • Umm Al Quwain – UAQ

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