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Our elevators are constructed by partner brands who are known for their quality work and attention to detail. Designed to fit any building type, the elevators we provide are suitable for:


  1. Commercial Buildings
  2. High-rise Buildings
  3. Apartment Buildings
  4. Freight/Cargo
  5. Hospitals
  6. Dumbwaiters


Most popular in high-rise buildings, escalators are a good alternative to elevators if a great number of people have to be catered to. Escalators installed by us are guaranteed to conform to the three S’s of the mass movement: smooth, safe, and silent.


Cecon‘s ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient engineering solutions. The easy and compact solution to short/medium distance walking is the installation of moving walkways. Commonly used in airports, malls, or high-rise buildings, walkways come in two major types:

  1. Pallet type: a continuous series of flat metal plates joined together
  2. Moving belt: a mesh metal belt or rubber surface over metal rollers