Full Range Of Frameless Glass Installation Dubai

Taking bath in morning is a healthy habit what if taking bath in a frameless glass enclosed bath tub? Definitely it would be a pleasant experience. Frameless glass installation is a modern technique to make appear shower room wider clean and beautiful and near to nature.

Frameless glass is mostly used in shower enclosure, big malls, hotels and restaurants in developed countries as well as in developing countries. Even in modern era of development loads of architectures use glass especially frameless glass work.

Frameless glass installation

BurjKhalifa being tallest building of the world mostly made up of frameless glass, especially top most floor is purely made up of frameless glass so that customers can see a mesmerising view from top.  Frameless glass besides beautify your home it also considered safer and secure in case of emergency and fight & flight conditions as Zealcon ensures our valuable customers to have finest frameless glass installation. Another advantage of frameless glass doors and enclosure installation is that you can remodel it according to your desire.

Frameless glass doors, windows and shower enclosure increase aesthetic beauty of the house.Frameless glass are available in different size, designs and styles even one can order customized frameless glass installation design according to his wish. There are many reasons to install frameless glass in home but few are mentioned below:

  • Water splashes after taking shower is a common phenomenon to observe. But using Frameless glass doors and shower enclosure one can avoid puddles all over the floor because frameless glass door water splashes didn’t get access to come out from bath room.
  • Frameless glass is act as insulator, glass being good insulator help to maintain the temperature of inside bathroom. In winters water heat didn’t get dissipated via frameless glass door and temperature remain constant.
  • Frameless glass door give a sleek, neat, smooth, modern and trendy look to your shower enclosure which is desire of everyone.
  • Frameless glass door do not get mould or fold like shower curtails do so, therefore frameless glass door is a best solution for a mould-ridden curtain that you no need to bother if you have a frameless glass door and shower enclosure.
  • To avoid causalities from fire or electric circuit shock and fire frameless glass door are more reliable and safe.
  • Frameless glass doors and shower enclosures not only increase aesthetic beauty it also makes appear space larger and easy to clean and appear neat for many days.
  • Frameless glassalso cut cost of heavy electricity bills by providing services of thermal efficiency. This makes frameless glass as money friendly product.
  • Frameless glassis an environment friendly product as well. In era of advanced technology, increasing environment pollution, acute resource shortage frameless glassserve as all in one solution of these problems. Frameless glass installation takes very less time so can be easily fix and for sure this is environment friendly, energy saving and cut cost of heavy billings.

Beside homes frameless glass are also used in shops especially jewellery shops. Frameless glass also serves for security purposes and prevent from theft. Frameless glasses also use as showcase the ornaments, articles, products so those customers get a clean and clear picture of the product. Use of frameless glass for showcase product attracts customers 3 times more than other ways. Therefore, frameless glass is top priority and choice of shop keepers, businessman and traders to attract customers.

Articles and products installation are easy but thing is to maintain it and take care of it. Frameless glass is also one of that category product which need little attention and care and work throughout year. Frameless glass is one time investment which gives fruits throughout life.Frameless glass is quite easy to maintain and clean frameless glass. Below mentioned are few hacks to maintain frameless glass.

  • To protect frameless glass ensure it is treated with a protectant surface that features 3D- Nano coat technology. The protect-ant prevent frameless glass from heat, water marks, humidity and mineral build up while seal the frameless glass door.
  • Frameless glass shiny surface is maintained using glass spray. The solution is use to maintain shine of glass and use it once in week.
  • Wipe the frameless glass surface with soft micro fiber cloth gently.
  • Frameless glass if get any spot it could be easily removed by treating with glass solution.

There are always some precautionary measurements which one has to be keep in view while installation of frameless glass products to keep it long lasting.

  • Never use rough hard stuff to clean frameless glass articles/products.
  • Never use sharp instrument e.g. knife etc. on glass products which create scratches.
  • Do not place any fire related commute in front of glass product.

Zealcon.ae introduces a new style frameless glass shower door can complementary any style of bathroom and add a trendy look to house.  Frameless glass doors are available in various sizes, shapes, designs which improve overall appearance of one of the most highly trafficked area in a home. Frameless glass doors and shower enclosures are guaranteed to improve the value of your Burlington County home.

Frameless glass windows also available in different designs include a standard window, fixed sashes, bay window configurations and gable end windows. These styles windows changes the look of the room and with frameless glass it give a sleek and extravagance experience. The frameless glass windows are beneficial from being maintenance free, highly durable and being manufactured from energy efficient, premium grade glass, meaning that it will not flex or wrap in different climate conditions.

Frameless glass doors combine with a stylish and net finish along with modern technology performance protect your home from theft. Installation of Frameless glass doors are available in different sizes, styles and designs. Selecting your desire frameless glass bi-fold doors is not that easy task. For that firstly you must have a rough estimation of opening and closing size area and an idea of number of doors you require and its configuration and layout.

Minimal metal uses in frameless glass doors and windows create custom bathing experience wonderful. Bathing is extravagance again like when the home was new with a new frameless glass shower enclosure. In-short frame-less glass Installation is a healthy, trendy, environment and money friendly option by professional staff of zealcon.ae.